About us

Experience, Professionalism & Technology

Bruck Interactive Marketing is a sole-proprietorship founded by Max Bruck in 2013.

Max Bruck serves as Founder and Chief Executive Officer with nearly a decade of experience in online and offline marketing.

Max comes from a highly technical and analytical background, graduating with honors from U.C.L.A. with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He applies that technical background to take an analytical approach to marketing optimization for his clients.

Max started his career with 4 years at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in enterprise systems development for various state governments. Max quickly became an expert in Client/Server GUI technology and Oracle relational database programming before being promoted to supervisor and management roles.

Thereafter, Max was the 5th employee of Digital Motorworks, hired as Product Manager of its InfoIQ suite of Automotive Data Aggregation and Enhancement solutions. Digital Motorworks (“Dmi”, www.digitalmotorworks.com) is the largest integrator of Automotive Retail Data in the US and Canada. Operating under the slogan of Turning Data into Opportunity, DMi collects and transforms automotive industry data designed expressly to increase dealer revenue opportunities, including the sale of F&I Products.

As Business Development Manager, Max also spent two years in Chicago, where he opened a joint venture office with Aon Corporation to bring data integration products to all facets of Aon’s global insurance clients and internal brokerage, placement and reinsurance operations. Aon’s automotive division offers F&I Training programs, customer survey products, and its flagship United Auto Care (previously known as Ryan Warranty) Vehicle Service Contract products.

Max ventured into online makreting when he joined Vendare Media in 2005 to sell online marketing to both direct response and a full spectrum of small to Fortune 500 brand marketing clients headquartered in Texas and the southeast region (American Airlines, Southwest, etc.). While at Vendare, Max assisted in the development of its line of consumer finance lead generation portals and also headed up a joint venture with Automedia.com to generate advertising revenue from banners and lead generation on this popular site for auto enthusiasts and vehicle repair and review information seekers.

In May 2006, Max joined Find Your Customers, Inc. (“FYC”) as a principal owner. Max focused primarily on FYC’s Debt Settlement lead generation business, accepting a Board position with The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC) while also growing client relationships. With the evolving market, Max also took on offline marketing responsibilities and the continued development of FYC’s call delivery platform. Max also started FYC’s Auto Protection business unit offering both online and offline leads and also became a well-known face in the industry through his involvement in the organization of the Vehicle Service Contract Sales Summit.

Max was a founding partner of Popular Marketing, a company which Max led from inception to over $20MM in revenues in just 2 years.