We look forward to speaking to your about your business and your marketing challenges. Ultimately, our clients are looking to acquire customers without “marketing waste”.

By understanding the following factors, we can strive to provide an ever reducing cost of customer acquisition.

Marketing Factors:

Geography: Local Neighborhoods, City or DMA, State, Regional, National
Demographic : Income, Gender, Age, Employment-Type, Family Status, Interests, Credit
Target Audience Size
Your Budget and Capacity


Many industries and businesses have specific industry guidelines set forth by industry trade organizations or even the FTC about what can be construed as a false or misleading claim. We understand the importance of marketing compliance and monitor marketing compliance on your behalf.


We can provide immediate marketing results through our already existing and proven internal Email Lists and Email Distribution platforms.  We then grow your campaigns through additional email and online publishing relationships.

While many of our clients require national marketing campaigns, it is our national publishing relationships that have provided us the ability to also provide very localized marketing even within just one zip code. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for your business.

Success Stories

List Management - Earn Revenue from your Leads & Partial Data

Our Email, Direct Mail or Telemarketing Partners, including our internal Publishing and Telemarketing teams, can earn you additional revenue for sharing your data under a secure & confidential Data Management Agreement. Want to Learn More?
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